Learning unconditional love

UnconditionalI am listening to some meditating music as I am writing, it is an extremely grounding and calming experience. All my senses are at ease. I can focus on what the Universe would like to share today.

Unconditional love are the words that are coming to me right now. We need to learn this important lesson in our lives. The pure love of the Universe that transcends everything.  There are no greater feelings of inhalation when you are in a state of unconditional love. You feel you are surrounded by the purest form of energy.

You are feeling inside of a bubble of gold. That energy is not only calming but restoring your body, mind and soul. You are aligned perfectly with the Universe, you have a deep sense of peacefulness. You can see situations better while you can receive messages from the Universe.

Your spirit is leading you at that moment while your ego is sleeping, feeling safe. Unconditional love bridges any gaps you might have experienced in your lifetime. It is a healing energy that helps you to forgive who has wronged you, so you can move on in your journey.

It is an energy that transports you to a different level in your life. You do not have the need to feel you have to compete with the rest of the world but instead starting to feel you are part of this world. You are connecting with something that is bigger than you.

You are becoming humble. While you are grounding yourself, you can feel how much we are connected and our lives, like spiderwebs, are interconnected. You realize that everything we do can affect all of us.

Making the conscious decision to shift your energy to a higher level can help you to stay in the state of unconditional love.

We are all here to experience this love, to feel we are all connected. There is no “you vs me“, but we are  here to glean knowledge so that  our spirit can reconnect with the Universe to make a better future for us and the next generation.