How to become the master of your own destiny!

ConcertoHow to become the maestro of our concerto, yes! we should be the leading person in our own lives.

It can seem presumptuous to assumed we are always in control of our lives but when we step back and understand that our outer conditions could influence our lives we need to learn to shift our thoughts. We need to change from a reactive mind to a co-creator.

I write a lot about the imagination and how we can change our outer condition if we start to watch our thoughts that are playing in our minds during the day. Starting to intercept the negative thoughts and reverse them with positivity.

When you start to do that, you may find it difficult at first, since you need to create a new habit. But when you are doing it every day, it is going to be second nature after 30 days. This is where the magic happens, the shift you are experiencing are going to start to materialize.

This is why, we need to become the maestro, the conductor, in our own symphony. Let the music play by keeping our vibration higher. The Universe will be the instrument that will make those vibrations resonate.

Living an authentic life, following our hearts desire. Opening the door of the unknown so we can have new experiences in our lives. Living our own dream, getting in full harmony with the Universe but foremost learn unconditional love.

If you have ever met people who are living an authentic live, their energies are higher you can feel they are grounded. I have mentioned in the past this is not for the few chosen ones, but it can be archive by everyone.

You just have to lead your life with your spirit, learning to open up your heart chakra to communicate with the Universe.

Why not start today to shift your thoughts and let possibility and pure synchronicity into your life?