Always expect the unexpected during summer time

BeachQuieting our minds can be a bit challenging with everything going on in our lives.  We can feel overwhelmed when unexpected guests are landing on your front door.
Or your children decided to have a sleepover at the last minute with 10 of their friends at your home, when you were expecting a nice quiet evening to finally unwind

In those moment what can you do? Not answering the door but realizing your car is still in the driveway? Saying no to your kids in the front of all their friends? Most of the time we must go with the flow even if this is not what we wanted.

How about at work when you are looking at the sunny weather wanting to leave early then at the last minute your boss is giving you a project he/she is expecting you to have done before the end of the day. Your plan to quietly leave early is melting like an ice cream cone.

Some of these situations occur more frequently during the summer time. When unplanned situation is arising, we need to be quick to handle them. Hoping this will be the last time but again always expect the unexpected.

You never know who will drop in at your home for dinner or at work what type of project you will be enlisted to do.

In those kinds of situations, we need to stay grounded. At home we can gently let the unwanted dinner guest know next time call us before you show up or to even go one step further send them out to buy some food while you are preparing the grill. We like a free dinner but when the same unexpected guests are always coming to “crash” at your door at dinner time, it is a nice way to remind them nothing is “free” in this world.

With the kids you can always bargain with them, especially if they want their sleepover with their friends. One thing you could do is for them to clean up the mess and maybe the house to not only learn how to negotiate but also not feeling like this is a free for all. Kids are like walking stomachs, by the time you go to bed you know by morning there is not going to be any milk, cereal, snacks etc. only empty boxes and bags left all over the place. You know by the time you get up, the first thing you will have to do is stop at the grocery store before you leave for work.

Therefore, it is important for all of us to take the time to ground ourselves, and always expect the unexpected.


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