How to continue to navigate along our journey!

journeyLiving your life with your spirit is the most authentic way to be. The beating of your own drum can be quite loud once in a while. Remaining true to our spirit can be challenging at times, especially when we feel the Universe has quieted it down.

We can become feistier when we feel we are not supported. When synchronicity has not revealed its magic. Still feeling suspended in the air not able to move, trying to find the silver lining to keep ourselves sane, until finally we can move forward with our lives.

Some days we need to keep paddling in that raging river hoping everything will slow down, so we could reach calmer waters. Having enough strength to navigate the waters, we just want to lay down in the boat, closing our eyes for a moment of reprieve.

Life can be challenging to the point enough is enough, but we still continue to move forward in those time of uncertainty. Hoping the end of the tunnel is in reach, we have sacrificed so much that going backward is not an option. We need to find the strength to continue, hoping the Universe has seen and heard us and finally opens the doors of abundances.

Living our lives as we are meant to be, not having to feel we are on the edge of the abyss ready to fall in. But instead, feeling the full support of the Universe while receiving our bounty.

Having faith for a better life, never giving up on our dreams. Learning from our setbacks or knowing beyond any doubt that we are on the right path.  We can see how much we are impacting this world, how much our unconditional love has helped others in their time of uncertainty.
Counting our blessings and learning to lean on our circle of light. We are here to experience but we also have to learn how to co-create with the Universe. Partnering with the Universe will help us along the way. Always keeping our eyes on our happy ending, no matter what the outer conditions are around us.