What can you do if you feel under appreciated

unhappyHave you ever felt underappreciated or overlooked at work?

If so, what have you done to change that? Sometimes we can feel we have been taken for granted in life or at work. Feeling as if we are the fifth wheel and not included with the other employees. Instead of being appreciated and accepted we feel as if it is expected of us to carry everyone on our shoulders.

Well, there comes a time we need to stop carrying everyone on our shoulders. We should not be treated badly, nor should we feel obligated to try to make everyone happy.

When this is happening, it is a sign from the Universe to go and move on. It can be intimidating to change jobs or even a company. But why would you stay somewhere you are not being utilized to your full potential and even being overlooked for promotion?

When this is happening should you have a conversation with your boss to understand why this is occurring?  When you are speaking with your boss, do you feel he/she is honest or do you feel something is not right?

If you feel it is not right what are you going to do? Continue to work feeling more frustrated to the point you are going to start to feel resentful toward everyone or should you start to look for another opportunity?

Why not start to look around and see if your company has an opening that will interest you. If not, why not updating your resume and send it to recruiters?

When we feel we have outgrown the job we are in, it is a sign for us to move on to something new. Challenging our minds by learning new skills and jobs.  I have seen a lot of individuals changing jobs and flourishing in their new positions.

It can be exhilarating to finally be able to work in a new environment that acknowledges you but also helps you to continue to grow.