Controlling our energies for a better life!

PositivityHave you ever felt like a hamster running in the wheel that never stops or my favorite one like a French bulldog caught upside down in the wind tunnel with the wind blowing in its face, thinking what I am doing here!!!

Well, once in a while we can, without even asking, get sucked into someone else’s paradox. There are days when you went to hide or become invisible when drama pops its ugly head out of the woodblock.

We can be at the mercy of someone else’s mood not knowing, when walking into a room their wrath is about to attack you. Even though you haven’t done anything, people have a tendency to let their stress, anger or frustration towards others ie. mates or children turn on you and others because they do not know how to vent any other way.

Sometimes It is not easy managing our lives but before we thrust our frustrations and anger towards others we need to stop and take the time to ground ourselves. That is the key! Using mediation and breathing exercises, these can help you to archive wonders.

But you need to watch your thoughts and when you are feeling you are not grounded anymore you need to stop yourself before you go back to your old patterns.

Create new ones instead by adding positivity into your daily life. You need to be able to reconnect with the Universe but also lead with your Spirit.

Many times, I have seen people who were living their life led by their ego. Flexing their muscles every time they had a chance to do so. Those individuals are most often insecure and have a need to dominate or control a situation, this can turn into a very negative outcome.

How many times have you seen someone behaving badly trying to justify their behavior by playing the blame game? We need to be realistic on how we are conducting ourselves in our lives. How do we impact our loves ones and co-workers?

It is extremely “radioactive” to be around someone with those traits and insecurities. So today, why not start your day by being grateful and humble and see how much positivity will come to you?