Moment of reflection in the life of a warrior

morning As I am listening to the outside, the world still sleeping I hear the night life buzzing around. It is cool outside it is a sign fall is coming. I had a pretty good summer, enjoying some inspiring messages received from the Universe.

As I am watching through the window the light is starting to come in, it is going to be morning soon with its usual ritual. Miss Pepette is still asleep in the chair near me.

This summer has been a great learning experience to go back to basics. From turning off any devices to taking the time to listen to the outside world. Being able to reconnect with families and loved ones.

Remembering to be grateful for what we have, accepting what should be, refusing to let the outer conditions we encounter dictate our lives.

Standing still for a moment to fully connect with the Universe. Let our imagination run free, don’t let anyone tame us but instead recognized when it is time to move on.

Always expecting the unexpected that will make us feel humble. Realizing that no matter what people believe you were not capable of doing you made it happen.

Having taken a leap of faith to follow your dream, feeling you are now where you need to be. The doors of the Universe are now wide open to share its bounty with you.

Realizing how much you are impacting this world by writing every day and sending messages to inspire someone.

Continuing to be a trailblazer in your life, walking to the beat of your own drum. Never compromise your integrity for anyone but living by the code of the Universe.

Feeling confident that everything will be all right, the Universe is taking care of you. Never give up even if you feel at your lowest, you may want to jump into the abyss, instead, focus let those thoughts go.

Let your spirit guide you, lick your wounds because tomorrow is a better day and the Universe will continue to take care of you.