The forbidden fruit that do not belong to you

appleTaking the forbidden fruit has its consequences. Everything we do has consequences, when people are losing their way. The price they are going to pay is even worst. Especially when they are abusing the world of the occult to highjack someone’s life.

We have seen so many individuals without a conscience that will throw money to practitioner for fifteen minutes of lust it becomes questionable why the client is doing it. For some, their addiction is so great that they cannot function without it.

Too many times when you are violating the Universes’ golden rule, you are going to pay a price, but that price can be steeper than the price you actually paid to get the spell done.

Life is fragile and beautiful, you do not need to interfere nor ruin someone else’s life just because you have an infatuation for them. If someone is rejecting, you or is not meant to be with you leave them alone.

The Universe will never give you a free pass no matter what you are thinking. You may be getting away with murder at this point in time, but like everything else Karma is waiting for the Universe to releases its wrath.

We are here to do good in this world, we all have our own journey, but we should be respectful of everyone’s free will and space. What is NOT meant to be for you IS actually NOT meant to be. So why try to force it when the Universe has not agreed to it??

It can only bring heartache and unfolding disasters to you. Why would you gamble on your life and everything you cherish the most to lose everything?

It is not worth it to be infatuated or obsessed with someone or something that is not for you. Even if for a moment you are going to obtain them for a short period of time against their free will, you will never have their heart.

Why not look forward to your own happiness and believe that someone or something better for you is coming your way?