How to stay focus in time of uncertainty?

lifeLife can throw you into unchartered territory, when this is happening you need to keep your focus on your goals. It can be unnerving at times to try to master the raging river. But with the help of the Universe we can overcome those obstacles.

Having faith and believing deeply in our core that we are good with everything. Aspiring others to archive their life’s dream. Always blessing what we have in our lives, thanking the Universe for always watching over us.

Not every story is the same but our journey on earth can be made easier if we are keeping our thoughts positive. We can, at times, feel like we are going to give up but when we feel synchronicity is pulling us in the right direction, we can feel our steps are lighter, we are starting to smile and feeling a sense of relief.

The Universe is always watching us, even though at times we can feel they are quiet, they are actually listening and watching. It can be a great comfort or discomfort when this is happening. Thinking we are not supported by the Universe when in fact we are.

Our outer condition can cloud our judgment at times. We need to keep going and have faith that everything has been worked out for our highest good. We can scream, yield and even want to give up but we need to find the strength to move forward. To push us beyond what looks like a dead-end, find the courage to get up and take the first step forward.

Life changes can feel like giving birth, but it is in our best interest for us to go through those changes even as unpleasant as they may be in order for us to continue to grow and archive what our Spirit is here for.