How to be in the moment of doubt

loveEnjoy a moment of peace is something we should all be doing once a day.

The Universe can provide us with unexpected good news when we are least expecting it. From a job opportunity to meeting Mr. or Ms. Right. Perfect synchronicity always helps us to put the pieces of the puzzle together.

We, at times, can be doubtful that perhaps we are not having the support of the Universe or it feels like we are giving birth to changes like the butterfly trying to break out of its chrysalis. Those transitions and changes can become worrisome when we have to relinquish control over our lives. Jumping blindly from the ledge, but with faith the Universe will catch us and protect us during that time.

It can be extremely stressful to move into the unknown felling we have been abandon when in fact the illusion our outer condition is getting to us. We can feel we have lost the battle ready to give up and walk away for good.  When we are feeling we are suspended in air not being able to move. Just waiting, like a puppet, for the show master to return so we can finally start to move.

During those difficult times it is easy to fall into a negative trap and depression. But we need to remain strong having faith in the Universe that everything is well. Even though we can feel oppressed by everything that is coming towards us.

There is a plan for everyone, but we need to experience the last hurdle in order to have our lives being readjusted by the Universe in order to step up from where we are, to the magic life we are meant to be living.

We need to keep positive, grounding ourselves, seeing ourselves moving forward. Being successful, letting the tears of healing roll down our cheeks, releasing the fears to finally find ourselves at peace.