Keeping ourselves grounded

FeetLife can take a U-turn or becoming a bumpy road or a turbulent river. It can swing from left to right without making any sense.

Trying to get a peaceful attitude while this is unfolding can be tremendously difficult.

We think we finally reach solid ground when we are being pulled back into the chaos. Trying to keep our head above the water. Thinking when is this going to end?

We can feel being trapped in some quicksand trying to figure out what would be the best way to get out of this.

In those times of uncertainty, we need to stay grounded. It sounds easy but when we are in the middle of the storm it can be debilitating to try to do it.

One thing I have found useful at times are the use of essential oils. One essential oil I use to ground myself is Valor. Placing it under my feet helps me to keep myself grounded and clear-headed. When mantras are not enough a little help with essential oils can be the saving grace we need.

We can only cope with so many challenges at a time so that when, one more challenge arises we are thrown completely off track. Seeing ourselves spiraling down incapable to uplift ourselves or seeing the opportunities that are right in front of us.

With the support of essential oils, we can calm our body and mind. Realigning ourselves to be able to move forward to safety.

It can be extremely stressful to go through the necessary changes we need to improve our lives. But during this time of tribulation we need every help we can get to be able to make it through successfully.

Being at peace and contentment should be part of our lives but it feels at times it is a luxury. To help us we need to embody the positive outcome we are looking for.