Do we feel cheated by time?

clockSometimes we can feel we are running out of time. When we are having too much fun losing track of time is a great thing. But when we try to meet deadlines we can feel under pressure to get it done.

Time is the essence, but we can stretch it when needed. Yes! you read it right, we can stretch time.

How you may ask? There are simple tricks to do and one of them is your mind. In several blogs and podcast, I mentioned we need to be careful of what our little voice inside our head is saying.

We need to pay attention to that voice repeating over and over you are running out of time, you are not looking good today, you are…. (fill the blank) yes that little voice is your ego, instead start to interrupt this broken record by interjecting new thoughts when you are hearing it again.

For example – you are working on a project the deadline is in a couple of days, you have been having issues to get everyone on task. As you are getting updates you’re starting to realize the milestone will not be met this time. You are now getting stressed out, the ego has started to take over your thoughts and you telling the Universe you are not going to make it. Instead of listening to that voice in your head spewing negativity, stop yourself from agreeing with it. Instead say to your ego STOP! Then interject a new thought like “The milestone is met before the deadline, everything is on schedule”. Keep repeating it until you can feel at ease.

I have worked on problem solving most of my career, I was and still am the go to person, the fixer. I used to have people calling me with such desperation in their voice it was painful. I would step in at the eleventh hour to get everything back on track. In some situations, I was still trying to calm down the project manager while I was at home with my family, so they stopped their meltdown. I always said to everyone, if I am not telling you to pack up and run for the hills we are good. Even though the outer conditions we were in were grim and the chance to get everything ready on time wasn’t looking good. But somehow, with the support of the Universe, everything was done on time.

Starting a project, I always visualized it was done on time, every single project I worked on would unfold the way it was supposed to.  Sometimes I had to babysit a project from start to end because it would not move the way it was intended, but in the end, we met the deadline.

I used the same thing when I traveled or needed to drive around for an appointment. Always I arrived on time with 5 minutes to spare. By magic it always happened.

Instead of thinking you are running out of time why don’t you shift your thoughts to “I have plenty of time”.

Let see what will happened next.