Do you feel motivated today?

motivationI am reading another great funny quote today “people often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing. That’s why we recommend it daily.” Zig Ziglar.

It is so true, we need to continue to motivate ourselves until it becomes part of our habits. This is why when we start to change our thoughts it takes time, it is not a sprint but a marathon.

Living in a society that demands you must have everything right now is not helping us to really learn our lessons nor truly appreciate the journey it takes to get to our goals.

If life was like a drive though why are we here? What could we possibly learn we couldn’t from the other side?

Too many times I have seen individuals giving up at the first sign of a problem preferring to retreat to their old habits than learn new ones.

We need to keep repeating our mantras, our positive thinking, in order to have the shift necessary in our lives. Miracles are happening everyday if we take the time to believe it.

We cannot expect a positive outcome if we are not using our imagination and projecting that positive outcome it in our minds. If we are limiting ourselves, do not expect to be motivated by anything. We need to let our imagination run free on a daily basis.

Always expecting the unexpected in a positive way but also keep getting motivated by surrounding ourselves with positive people. Working on our positive thoughts and learn to embody those energies.

There is so much waste when people are not motivated.

At work you can learn to motivate your team by listening to them, supporting them. If you can make a small change that will impact them in a positive way, just do it. You could be surprised at how much more they can get done.

Same at home, if you have a circle of light use it when you feel you are not motivated. Someone in your entourage will have the words of wisdom to light up the fire in you.