Do miracles really exist?

UniverseThis is an interesting question, everyone has a different interpretation about miracles.

This is the biblical definition of a miracle: “an effect or extraordinary event in the physical world that surpasses all known human or natural powers and is ascribed to a supernatural cause. such an effect or event manifesting or considered as a work of God”.

Now if we are looking at miracles why don’t we start looking at our hearts? Yes! our heart is beating on its own, it is the “engine” for our bodies to be alive. Every day we are breathing, eating, moving because of our heart.

We are living in the miracle world, we do not realize how many miracles are happening. We need to take the time to look around us. Prefect synchronicity is the miracle that makes everything happened.

For example, you are applying for a job, you passed the first round of the interview after leaving the building you stop by a store to get some groceries. Going to the checkout registers you meet an old friend you have not seen for a while. During the conversation you are made aware that he/she works for the company you interviewed with.  Your friend put in a good word for you. A few days later you heard back from the HR person, you have been selected for the last round of interviews. A week later you get a job offer. This would not be happening if the Universe had not intervened.

Your dream is to travel to Ireland, you create your vision board. Imagining yourself leaving your home, going to the airport and landing in Ireland. You imagine yourself walking on narrow roads looking at the ocean. You hear on the radio there is a contest to win a trip to your chosen location. You decide to play for fun, you get selected and win the trip for free.

You are on your way out of the house, ready to go downtown during rush hour. You are running late; the highway has turned into a parking lot. You are stuck in your car moving extremely slowly. You take the time to breath in and out grounding yourself. You ask the Angels, Archangels and Ascendant Masters to help you to get the traffic moving, slow the time so you can arrive 5 minutes earlier and find yourself a parking spot. While you are meditating on that, the traffic picks up, you arrive at your destination 5 minutes earlier than expected, a car just moved out of a parking space as you arrive. You park your car, thank the Universe for their help and arrive on time at your appointment.

Those three stories are part of miracles we are experiencing every single day. Why don’t you look at what miracle has happened to you today?

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    1. Please do, the information I write about are messages that comes from channeling the Universe. Peace Emma

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