How to keep your heart open

HeartOpen your heart to the world.  When our heart is closed we are not allowing the Universe to connect with us. Instead we are closed to the world. Unwilling to let love and perfect synchronicity in to help us along the way.

We can be wounded by people close to us who have betrayed us, we shouldn’t close our heart. Instead we should heal and learn from that painful experience in order for us to not repeat it again.

I understand it is easier said than done! But if we decide to close ourselves than we are not going to be able to hear our spirit.   Neither will you be able to let the healing process begin.

Wounds that are not healing will continue to feel like an anchor tied to your ankle. We need to take back our power by acknowledging the situation and cut the cords with the individual(s) that have been hurting us.

It takes time to go through this process, so before you jump into the next relationship with both feet, make sure you are grounded and at peace. Otherwise you are going to repeat the same mistake again.

Keeping your heart open brings you the blessings the Universe wants to share with you. Opportunity will align in perfect synchronicity. Receiving the guidance from the Universe will help you along your journey.

You are not alone!  Even, if at times, when facing hurtful moments, we still have a partnership with the Universe. Let them help you and welcome their healing love.

As warriors we all can be wounded but we need to take the time to recover as well. We do not need to always be the strongest one in the room.

We are all human, we are all sensitive individuals even if our Ego, at times is in charge we need to let our spirit be the leader.

Let your beautiful heart be joyous and shine. Receive the love from the Universe.

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