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Occult World I would like to explain further when clients are doing spells against someone else’s free will what could occur in the life of the unwilling participant.

Let’s talk about John and Amandine again.

John is under a love spell that was requested by Amandine. While the practitioner has completed the spell. The entity is now taking over John’s mind, each time Amandine is engaging via text, phone or verbal conversation John is running like a puppy and respond to her. He is now getting under Amandine commands, she can manipulate him and toy with him at any giving time for her own leisure. He is getting infatuated by her and will do anything to see her and have intimate relation at any costs.
John doesn’t live near here but instead thousand miles away from her. He has a life with a beautiful wife, as the spell is now upon John, he has pulled away from his wife. He is continually finding a way to fight with his wife or getting distant from her. His wife is starting to see a change in his behavior, she is strongly suspecting he is cheating. But since John is clever enough to be able to hide everything from her, she has no concrete proof yet. John travels for a living but lately he has found ways to increase his trips to go back near Amandine pretending to go on business trip but instead he will stay for a couple of days, every few weeks in a hotel near Amandine’s work. Their affair is getting serious in John’s mind he thinks now he is in love with her and in a solid relationship. He is slowly turning his back on his wife and children. As well to his close friends who are now suspecting something is wrong.

At work he has found excuses to increase his traveling by being involved in several steering committees where he and Amandine are involved. He is now traveling at the company expense using the company’s money as his personal piggy bank to pay for his affair with Amandine. He has learned to cover up is expenses by reporting them under business trips/meetings, so he is not exposing his affairs to his wife or co-workers.
His work is also suffering, he is actually not working anymore but spending his time figuring it out how to justify his next trip to see her. While this is unfolding people are starting to see a change in his behavior. During the steering committee the other board members are starting to see something is up between the two of them. They are starting to put the pieces together.

At home the situation has not improved. Now John’s wife is angry at him. One-night John slipped up and called his wife by Amandine’s name. She finally got the proof he has been cheating on her, he now has to face the consequences of his action. While trying to lie to her one more time, she is now unleashing her wrath on him. He cannot continue to lie but must admit he has been cheating on her. She is angry at him and decides to have him living the family home. While this is happening Amandine without any cares in the world, continues to toy with John. As the situation at home is unraveling, John starts to pull back from Amandine. Amandine is not please with it but what John doesn’t know is that Amandine who is married and has a young child has been looking at another man. She is starting to lose interest in John because he is not available as she sees fit. Instead she has her eyes on a new guy that fits in with her needs, someone that is available and near her home. She is now going to see a practitioner for a spell on that new guy.

The spell is completed, and the new guy has taken over John’s spot. To John’s surprise Amandine calls it quits with him. He is now heartbroken over Amandine, he cannot get over the break up. He is miserable because he is still under her spell. His life is now spiraling down. His infidelity has been uncovered not only at home but also at work. People know he has been cheating and using the company to finance his affair with Amandine. The people he works in each steering committee have uncovered the affair as well and are now pulling back from him. They do not trust him anymore, he has lost his sparkling reputation.

If no one is going to remove the spell he is going to end up in a gutter while his wife will be separating and divorcing him to move on with someone that will respect here. His children will turn their backs on him. Amandine has moved on with someone else. He lost his job and now he is working for another company where he is unhappy and miserable. The next relationship he has is with someone who is cheating on him. His life is a total mess.

If someone remove this spell, his broken heart to Amandine will stop. He could rebuild his relationship with his wife. Also, it could take some time for her to trust him again, he has a better chance to save his marriage. At work also, he has been discovered he manages to save his job, but he now has to work on proving to the company he is trustworthy. He is now trying to rebuild his shattered reputation and make amends to the board members he has been working with. He is starting to regain ground and be himself again.

As this is unfolding the Universe is watching everyone from Amandine to John. Something we need to understand is that the wrath of the Universe will come to Amandine. She will not get away with the violation and destruction of someone else’s life. John has not listened to the people that wanted to help him while he was under the spell. Instead he has turned his back angry at them thinking he could do what ever it pleases him. He is going to face the fire the Universe has planned for him it is his punishment when he has chosen to continue his relationship with Amandine instead of walking away. He has made his choice and must face the consequences that comes with it.

As a client you need to really understand before you are going to do a spell of any kind. Ask yourself the following question. Is it for my highest good and the highest good of everyone? Am I doing it form a place of my spirit or is it my ego who is leading me to do that? If that person is already married or in a solid relationship that person DOES NOT BELONG WITH YOU. The Universe will never bless this relationship if the person you are seeking is already meant to be with his/her mate.

Are you willing to destroy someone else’s life for a moment of pleasure knowingly it is never going to last? What do you think the wrath will be for you? Are you ready to pay the price for this transgression?

Unless someone removed the spell that was done the life of that person will be altered until the day he/she crossed over.

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