You Imagination is limitless not your knowledge

dreaming“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution.”– Albert Einstein

I love reading those quotes because it reminds me of when I was little I always used my mind to get into my own world. My fairy tale Universe was a beautiful life, peaceful and loving.

I always aspired to archive big dreams in my life, but with such outer conditions surrounding me, who would ever have thought it was possible to do the impossible.

My Uncle, who travelled and worked around the world, inspired me. Each time he returned home, I would have spent hours listening to his stories. Watching the pictures, he took, this was the fuel I needed to push my imagination even further.

Dreaming big, imagining myself traveling to other countries. Seeing myself happy and fulfilled.

The road to get me there was an obstacle course that I would not want anyone to go through. But I was determined, ready to climb mountains to get where I needed to be.

Even though I leaned on the Universe to get me there. Nothing would have prepared me to archive everything. It was by pure synchronicity and faith to let the Universe guide me toward my dreams.  How without the full knowledge of what I was doing on my own, I would power up my imagination?

I do not recall if my mother was reading us any fairy tales. But I had, at a young age an extremely vivid imagination.

Living in a harsh environment made me realized how much this world was all about. Even for a gentle soul it was extremely difficult to deal with it. But my Spirit was always on the forefront ready to break barriers.

The hardest part wasn’t to dream or imagine it was to connect with my family. I always felt like a stranger. My mother to this day does not understand who I am, I have made peace with it long ago, but I do recall we had some pretty difficult moments in my teen years.

Being an intelligent person that wasn’t given a chance to go onto higher education never stopped me from archiving what I wanted, instead it made me appreciate my mind and what I have been able to accomplish.


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    1. Thank you I just released a podcast about being limitless. You should listen to it as well there are more insightful information from the Universe. Peace Emma

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