How can we make our lives simple?

workI am reading some quotes from Einstein, they do make me smile because I have been applying the same concept all my life to myself and at work.

For example, working in corporate, especially when you are dealing with any regulations. Creating, updating or leaning processes should be made simpler. I have read some Standard Operating Processes (SOP) that were so complicated, by the third sentences it started to make even less sense. Reading it through to the end made me feel like I was going to work at Fort Knox instead of placing gold in the vault it was only papers. I had to have a couple of ibuprofen my head hurt so badly.

The concept of simple is the best, I have leaned processes that produced as much accurate reporting but also keeping compliant and were much simpler and not filled with minutia as the original SOP. Each audit I went through was successful. At the end, the auditors would spend maybe fifteen minutes with me. They knew the process was “bullet proof”

When you are creating a process, you need to make it simple you should not have to repeat the same steps several times neither making it complicated or cumbersome when it is not needed.

The same should apply to your job, I have seen people making their job more difficult, when looking at how they were doing their tasks, I started to see how cumbersome their job had become. When people were introduced to lean their job to make it more efficient, you could feel a lot of resistance. Afraid to lose their job instead of embracing the change to do something new.

The same concept should apply as well in your personal life. Why make things more complicated? I am always amazed to see how some people are making their life more complicated. You do not have to feel you are going into a battle every day. Instead take the time to look at what is necessary for you to do?

Maybe start to think about how to make life easier for you.
“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.” – Albert Einstein