We are all part of the world

GlobeThis is another interesting quote from Einstein “Everything around us is governed by logical, complex laws which we can discover once we pay enough attention. Deep into nature, we find beauty, order, and harmony, and we find that everything is connected”.

It is so true. Since June I have started to spend one hour each day sitting outside on my deck and observing the world. For someone like me who has always been on the move, it was an interesting challenge to not only sit for an hour without the distraction of social media but also taking the time to watch the world. The pond’s life between the ducks, turtles and insects. Listening to the bird’s conversation being amazed on how very interesting that life is when we take the time to become an observer.

It still is a great time to also reconnect with the Universe and get the inspiration I need to write my daily blogs just by taking the time to breath and listen to what the Universe had to share with me.

We are all connected one way or the other, our ego is the one who wants us to be separate from the world acting as if we are superior to nature. But in fact, we are not different at all we are not above or below but instead part of it.

We do not have control over the Sun or the moon, we can try to control our environment, but the birds, insects and nature decides where they want to be.

It is humbling to realized we are not special we are in it together even though our life’s path is different we are all here for a reason. Listen, learn and realized there is something bigger than us, we are the master of our life but not the world.

We can find, by looking at nature, how beautiful but also complex it is. We are all part of that eco-systems, we are all playing a role. We just have to be reminded of that, we can all live in harmony if we are willing to let our Spirit guide our lives.