How do you talk to the Universe

UniverseI have been asked on a few occasions, how do you speak with the Universe?

Since I have been speaking with the Universe from the time I was a young child, I always find it easy to just sit down somewhere to have a quiet conversation. Removing all distractions, I just speak like someone is sitting across from me.

Yes! it may sound a little strange but an open conversation for me is better than in my head, so my Ego doesn’t try to interfere or wake up in the middle of my conversation try to plant the seed of doubt in my heart.

I casually start a conversation by summoning the Ascendant Masters, Archangels and whomever I need help from. If I do not know who they are I am just asking, as an example, all the Ascendant Masters for abundance to come to me. Then I start to talk to all of them on what my needs are. I always follow by “or something better” I do mention in my statement as well “for my highest good and the highest good of everyone”.

For example: I am calling on all Ascendant Masters of abundance to come to me. I need your help to direct the flow of abundances through me. Angel runners please find me the financial abundance I need. Money comes to me easily and effortlessly, I have plenty of money to share and spare. Thank you, Universe, for providing me what I need for my highest good and the highest good of everyone. The flow of abundance is coming to me with no strings attached and by all means or something even better. My household and family are protected. Thank you for your help.

When I communicate with the Universe my voice is firm I do not beg or allowed fears in my communication. Remember, keep calm and determine will send the message it is coming from your heart. You have to imagine while you are speaking to the Universe, it is already happening, it is done, if you hesitate the Universe will not respond as quickly or not at all.

When we are under desperation we are sending negative vibes, when you are calm and determined you are making a statement to the helpers and they will move quickly to help you. I have tested both options several times and the results were amazing when I was determine and calm.

You can use the example to build your own conversation with the Universe. Make it your own style, they are always around us waiting for us to ask for help. Do not forget to thank them at the end of the conversation. They do appreciate to hear that as well.