We are all changing

changesWe are all changing whether we want to or not, this is part of our journey.

Growing, evolving is part of who we are, being able to do it gracefully, that is another challenge on its own.

There are so many stimuluses around us that sometimes we forget who we truly are. As the years pass our Spirit starts to remind us why we are here.  It can take a lifetime for some of us to get the message from the Universe but we all can hear it.

That little voice in the back of our head or the little whispers in our ears telling us we need to slow down and go back to basics.

We can try to ignore our Spirit, but the voice will never go away. No matter what we are trying to do we are always reminded why we are here.

The Universe in its infinite wisdom will push us back on our path if we are straying too far. We can try to ignore those signs as well, but a gentle push can turn to a full blow smack in the back of our head if we are not willing to comply.

Shading our assumptions, believes and values that are not relevant anymore helps us to open the space we need to learn new ones.

As we are growing older, we are starting to realize the goal we had in our twenties is not the same as what we want now, we have learned in some cases to shift them.

One thing we need to take into account is being authentic, yes it can be difficult for some of us to show who we truly are but if you remove the mask you are wearing and become your true self, your life will change for the better.

You will not have to wear that mask anymore but instead show the world how beautiful your Spirit is.

Changes are sometimes difficult, but we need to continue to do better for ourselves and let our spirit be free.