Taking the first step to be inspired.

FunLiving our lives to the fullest can be a dream for some and reality for others.

For people who have followed their dreams, their inspirations, their spirits, the Universe has blessed them with the bounty.

For others who are too afraid to let their dreams come to fruition, their egos will reward them with envy, jealousy and resentment. You do not have to stay in this state of mind, as a matter of fact you could start to look at what kind of dreams you would like to make a reality?

You could start to see if you could turn your dreams into a hobby first. I have mentioned a few times in past blogs you do not have to quit your job to live your passion if you are not ready.

One step at a time so your ego doesn’t enable more fears to possess you. Taking the time to see what you would like to do can be exciting. Instead of being the kid behind the glass watching the ice cream, take a leap of faith and go for it. It may be fun to finally try something new.

Something outside of your comfort zone, something that could make you, for a moment uncomfortable, but when you are done with the first lesson you had a good time. You also left feeling more inspired and with a smile on your face ready to do it again the following week.

I would like to invite everyone to do something this week you have never done but would like to do it. It could be a class of some sort or going to see a play something that would inspire you.

It doesn’t have to be big, maybe it is hosting a girls’ night at home. This will help you to let your spirit be in charge not your ego. You should approach it like a kid, not taking it too seriously otherwise it would not be fun to do.