The magic is in us

mindThe simplest statement I can ever make for anyone is the magic is in us. Yes, it’s your mind, with your mind you can co-create with the universe the magic you need to have a better life. It may take time for the Universe to work out all of the details to bring you what your heart desires, but with patience, faith and perseverance it can be done. Perseverance is the key, keep using your imagination by visualizing your outcome. The Universe will prevail and provide you what you need.

I have mentioned in a previous blog, people can decide for you what you should be doing in your life. If you decide to listen to them and not your spirit, you may be unhappy about the outcome. I have heard many times people being angry when someone gave them unwanted advice and they decided to follow that advice. You should realize you’re the master of your own destiny but also choices. At the end of the day it is your responsibility to make the proper choices since you are the one to follow through.

You need to listen to your spirit, it is your compass, your guiding light. Even if the outer condition of your life, currently, is not the best, you can find the way with the assistance of the Universe to move out of it.

I have an extremely complicated and difficult journey, but I have managed, with the power of my spirit, to move obstacles out of my way. Using my mind and the power of imagination I was able to project a better life that finally, by the power of perfect synchronicity, I was able to achieve.

We are all capable to do the same, but we need to be ready as well. Nothing is ever served up on a silver platter; sometimes we have to go get it. We also have to be ready to face obstacles along the way that can seem insurmountable. Instead of retreating we need to view them in a different way for the solutions to come to us.

You have the magic in you start to use it today.