You are the master of your own destiny

Imagination As a child even at school I did not know what I wanted to do. What kind of job I would love to have. In fact, in my last year of high school we had to go through the process of getting tested by doing a quiz that allegedly would let you know what type of job you would qualify for when you graduated.

I do not recall what the exact result of the test was, but we had to spend some time with an educator that would give us options.  At that time, they also took into account what our parents jobs were. If you were a white-collar you most likely would have been given the paperwork to apply for the University. If you were a blue-collar you were pretty much left on your own to figure out what was the next step for you from a prep-school like culinary or plumber. At that time, it wasn’t fair to do that to kids who had the potential for a higher education but since the power was in the hands of the school hierarchy we were at the fate of their decisions. If parents wouldn’t have been fighting for their children, the expectations for a better life would never happen. Instead, children would be relegated to do the same type of job their parents were doing.

In our case my older sister always wanted to be a chef, so she went to culinary school. While the “little one” was not so lucky she had to live up to my mother’s dream becoming a pharmacy tech. She went to school for that, she followed and adhered to my Mother’s wishes.

In my case it was a little more complicated, I had enough to pursue a higher education, but the school decided otherwise. They never gave us the paperwork for me to go to the University, instead I had to go to a prep-school it wasn’t easy for me because I knew I should have had other options.

Millions of kids did not have a chance to pursue a higher education not for the lack of their IQ or capabilities but based on bureaucrats that decided their fates. It was wrong all along using some discarded test and using their parent’s social status or job to profile a kid.

The rule, since then, has changed and kids now have an opportunity to have a higher education. But for people who did not have a chance to get a higher education there will never be justice for them. They have missed out on so much, perhaps having a better life. I had the fire in me, as a warrior I knew I was inspired to do better than what was forced upon me. I fought to get where I am today but for others who have not stood up for themselves the life they are living is not the one they should be in.

The biggest lesson for everyone reading this is your mind. The most powerful tool you have is your imagination without it you are not going to be able to create the life you deserve to live. You know the expression “stick to your guns” I did it every day of my life, so should you.

Be inspired and do not let anyone tell you what your life should be. You are the master of your own destiny regardless of the outer conditions you are currently in.

There are no better words to read than Einstein quote. “Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution.”