Why continuing to expand my skills

skillsMany times, I have learned my skills at work on the job. I not only had to quickly learn my job but also start to learn what other co-workers were doing. It helped me a lot during projects.

I also noticed most people will stay in their “line” not interested in learning other skills neither understanding how other peoples’ job can relate to theirs.

It is always best if you are working in corporate to know what other people are doing even become someone’s back up, this can be a great asset for you. You never know when the person you are backing up will move to a different position. it could give you the advantage to be promoted to that position if you so desired it.

We need to keep challenging our minds. Doing the same thing over and over doesn’t help us to grow. Diversity is the best way to continue to learn.

Not everyone is inclined to learn new skills or change their routines. But staying in the monotony of our jobs doesn’t mean you will be safe from any layoff either. Job security is an illusion with the current market we are in, you never know who will be next on the chopping block.

It can be uncomfortable after you have been on the job for a few years to think you should also start to look for something else. But in today’s market people do not stay forever in the same position.

How about the job itself, do you like what you are currently doing? Are you sure it is not only for the paycheck you are doing it? Are you passionate about your job? If not, why not start to assess what you would like to do next?

Too many people are staying in their position for “safety”, and a regular paycheck but are unhappy. Maybe if you have an opportunity start to learn what people around you are doing? You may be surprised how much you can learn.