why should I stay positive

positiveBeing a positive person can help you change the course of your life. Opportunity can present itself to you in some form.  You can always count on trustworthy people to help you on your journey. Keeping life interesting, enjoying peace in our much-coveted time.

Not everyone can feel the positivity especially when you have people surrounding you that are “carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders”. We do not have to become one of them instead start to clean up your inner circle.

You do not need to have 300 people surrounding you at all time. It is better to have a few that have positive qualities than too many that don’t lift up your spirit.

Some friendships will last a lifetime, but others are there just for a moment in times when you need them there. Then they can move on in their journeys.

Living a positive life can help you not only spirituality but also physically. Your body is receptive to the energy you are projecting. If you are stressed, your organs are feeling it and you can damage them. We always say our bodies are our temples. We need to take care of them otherwise you are going to pay the consequences later on.

We need to find a way to stay in a state of positivity. Not easy to do every day but we should be able to find something we really enjoy and make a good habit to do it every day, if possible.

The weather is nice right now, we should be able to enjoy a walk in the evening unwinding slowly. Let our stress out so our bodies can rest at night.

We should listen to our bodies, feeling the love of the Universe upon us. Trusting that everything will be all right no matter what we are facing.

Let our spirit be free, becoming a child again and play.