Never let people decide who you should become

lifeAs a young child I never felt I was a lost cause but from the outer conditions I was in it felt like it was hopeless. From the private classes I was taking after school and from teaching institution whom in my high school years decided what I should be doing when I was older, the odds to success where nonexistent.

My life path was predetermined by people who believed, that based on the fact that my parents were not reach neither had a higher education but were blue-collar I should be the same.  Regardless of my IQ or inspiration it felt like I had no choice. Something they all discounted was my spirit, the warrior in me.

I knew I was different not only with my psychic gift but at the age of fourteen I was doing the payroll for my father’s business. I had to find my way in the middle of those obstacles. It wasn’t easy, but I always knew my life wasn’t meant to be there, but where I am today.  I knew deep in my core that my destiny wasn’t set in stone by those individuals, but I could somehow change the course of my life. It took a lot of strength and faith to make it happen. I had no idea how I would make it happen, but I had faith that somehow it would all work out for me. I used my imagination to transport me into a different world, a world where I belong.

I had, for several years, let my imagination run free. Picturing myself in a different country, being happy. Enjoying life even though the reality was different, I felt at the same time, oppressed by the outer conditions I was in.
Something inside of me kept me going, keeping myself moving through the lessons of my life while looking for the opportunity to move out of this life that wasn’t mine to bring me to the right path on my journey.

Finally, it happened that opportunity I was waiting for so long knocked at my door. I was able to take the leap of faith and finally expand my wings and fly away. I knew it was the beginning to getting me closer to where I needed to be.

Also, it wasn’t easy, I never felt more alive.  Now I can finally unveil what happened to me. Sharing stories and messages from the universe so someone in this world can read them but also relate to them at a deeper level.