We need to do the work to make it happened

in chargeWe talk a lot about making the impossible possible. Dreaming big, fake it until you make it. See, you already have what you are wishing for.

It always sounds easy when you are hearing people letting you know how they made it. Most individual do not realize how much it took for each one of them to arrive at their goals.

The Universe does watch each one of us, as I have mentioned in past blogs. To impress your subconscious and the Universe you need to use your imagination. Thinking in present tense you have it, but also start to act the same way.

For example, if you are looking for a new job. Instead of wishing you had a new job, imagine you have it, you are working there. But, you also need to do the work, what do I mean by that? Well, you cannot just sit and think about having a job, you need to put a resume together and get it sent out, start the ball rolling.  Post it online and search for an actual job. The Universe is not going to do the initial steps for you. Instead it is going to wait until you do the first step.

You may face some rejections while applying for a job. But you need to keep in mind you need to focus on the job description and not apply for numerous jobs that do not match your skills. You need to follow your gut feeling when applying.

By doing it the Universe is going to validate what you are doing. With the magic of synchronicity, the right job will come your way.

It is the same way with staring a company. When your gut feeling is telling you, it is time, even if you feel like you are not ready, follow it, you could be surprised how much the Universe will bring along your journey to get your company started.

But again, you need to put time into it. Expecting miracles when you are only procrastinating will not work. The Universe wants to make sure you are in for the long haul.

Are you ready to co-create with the Universe and change your life for the better today?