What are you hidden talent?

sharingWe all have our little secrets that we are keeping safely away from our mates or friends.

While I was doing my breath of life dancing to move the energy of my body and let my spirit be, I was thinking afterwards what naughty secrets do we withhold from everyone?

We all have gifts, for example, cooking, singing, dancing, drawing, a great speaker etc. Some of those gifts could be known to our loved ones, some we keep hidden from everyone. Wouldn’t it be great if instead of keeping the door locked we become bold and decide to let someone or everyone in for a change?

It would be so much more fun if we could let the different facets of Sprint shine. Therefore, I am not a huge fan of conformity, we are so much more than the eye can see.

It would not a little secret any more, but it could be part of what the rest of the world could see.   So why don’t you take the first step and let someone in?  Are you afraid that person would say something negative if you shared it with them?

Being who we are is the most beautiful homage you can do to your Spirit. Like a bird flying away from an open door. You will not have to feel you are carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders. You could feel alive, embracing a new side of you to the fullest.

We have so much to give to this world, it would be a wonderful contribution if you would share your gifts with the world. Your Spirit will shine even more.

Why not take the first step today? Let’s see where it is going to take you.

What is my hidden talent? Well, I will tell you mine if you are sharing yours.