If everything you wish for comes to you

TrueLet’s have a little fun today, what would you do or how would you react if everything you wished for was granted to you?

I can see some of you thinking hum… I don’t know, I would have a heart attack? I would run around like a mad cow. I would pass out on the floor or simply I would go down on my knees and thank the Universe.

Would you be curious and try to continue to wish for something else? Or would you rather stay where you are and live the rest of your life with what you just received?

Sometimes when we finally get what we always wanted we realize at the end it wasn’t what we really wanted at all.  Or we could have a “ha-ha” moment then decide you want to help the rest of the world with your next wishes.

The journey that takes us there is the growth we need to give us the time to reflect on how far we have come to where we are at the present time. We can also realize what we always wanted is not right for us right now. But at the time we asked for it we did not realize what experiences we had to face for us to grow.

Wouldn’t it be great if instead of only asking for something specific we could remind ourselves to finish the sentence with “or something greater or better than what I am asking”. Those simple words are the difference between receiving what we want to receive or what is right for us. We opened the door for the Universe to help us by providing exactly what we needed.

It is always amazing what we can have when we let the Universe in. We are always changing and evolving but the Universe has that bird’s eye view we do not always have. They can see the bigger picture, we can always be grateful when the Universe surprises us with the wishes that fit our needs.