It is the best time of my life

funAfter so much anxiety about the direction I should take, moving my company up to the next level, writing my blogs, creating my weekly podcast, it has been the best time of my life to continue on my journey of self-discovery and challenges.

Learning to stand still has been quite interesting, spending an hour a day on the deck to relax while listening to the world outside. But what a year for moving things to the next level.
Even though, I do feel at times like a French bulldog hanging upside down in a wind tunnel face the fan at full speed, smiling, thinking what is wrong with me??

Keeping up with everything has been interesting with the help of the Universe, I have been able to co-create what I enjoy doing every day.

Nothing has been more edgy than pushing my own limitation to limitless. Waking up my spirit and taking a step forward in the right direction. Even if at times I had no idea what would come next, it has been a blessing even in the darkest times. Keeping faith, the Universe is prevailing for me and my loved ones.

We, at times, are feeling on the edge of an abyss, not able to see anything in front of me but having the faith that my next step would be supported. While moving forward each step would unveil the bridge underneath. It takes courage to make changes in our lives, it is not easy every day, but the rewards are endless.

Facing the illusion of limitation but by the miracle of perfect synchronicity the Universe delivered to me what was needed to continue my journey. Having the strength to move forward, living my passion and dreams to be able to help people around the world.

Spending time to write what the Universe would like me to share. Opening conversations about the Occult world, even though for some people it sounds like taboo.

Being open to share the experience I had that could help someone in this world to continue their journey and realized they are not alone.

We are going to see what is next but for the moment let’s enjoy a moment of peace and being grateful for the tribes that are surrounding me especially my beautiful and loving Grande Duchesse. I do bow myself to you my friend to be such a beautiful spirit and such strong life force.