How to keeping up with our lives

wishesYes! We are living double lives, the one we are actually living in and the one we wished we had. If we really wanted too we could merged them into one.

Some individuals, like mavericks, will leave the constraints of our world to live on the edge of it. Living their dream, doing what they always wanted to do. While others will stay in their lanes worried if they step outside of those well-defined lines they could be in danger of some sort. Too afraid for a moment to cross over to see what it feels like to live our real lives.

When fate is knocking at our door full of opportunities for us to change our lives we have the reflex to shut the door, locking it, than pushing a table in front of it like the big bad wolf would come and eat us. When, in fact, it is our Ego who is projecting the sense of fear in us. Not allowing us to be truly who we are and to know what our mission is here.

I was reminded of a great analogy; our Ego is here to serve our Spirit not the other way around. In most instances we have let our ego run the show in spite of the signs the Universe is giving us to stop doing it. Fear of change has directed our thoughts and lives, and that fear has prevented us from letting our Spirit do its job.

If we step back and tell our Ego to go back to sleep that everything is safe, we have an opportunity to see our Spirit coming out into the light. Witnessing the miracles, the Universe has to offer, being in a state of peace and gratitude instead of resentment, hatred and jealousy.

When our spirit is leading our lives, we do not need to feel we have to compete against the world. It is not “them verses me”. We are becoming one and the flow of abundance starts to show up at our door steps.