Let your imagination run free

imaginationOur imagination is the most powerful tool we can use to co-create in partnership with the Universe. I have been stating that quite often in the past few months.

It doesn’t matter what your goals are, we need to utilize our imagination to archive it.

Use positive affirmation with the combination of our imagination is a powerhouse tool, we should all be using it every day.

It shouldn’t be only a few of us but everyone. I have mentioned in the past the Universe has an infinite supply of abundances for everyone. We shouldn’t be fighting over everything.

Instead we should be focusing on asking what is meant to be for us. What is yours should not pass you, yes you read it correctly.

Too many times I have seen clients and friends starting a sentence with a negative connotation. For example, “I cannot afford to purchase a house right now I do not have enough money” instead of, “I have purchased my dream home and I have plenty of money to share and spare, I am so happy”.

In the first sentence you are telling the Universe I have a lack of money therefore I cannot have the house I wish instead I am living in precarity and will stay like that. The Universe will respond to you by not providing you with money but living in the state of scarcity like you asked.

If you choose the second sentence. Then the Universe, in its infinite wisdom, will provide you the dream home you want, and money will flow to you easily. You will be in constant flow of wealth. Everything will be met abundantly. The Universe has given you the opportunity to live a better life.

Using our imagination to see ourselves in a state of joy and peace while all our needs are meet. The Universe will respond by making it happened.

Our imagination needs to be utilized every day in order for us to co-create with the Universe. Take the time today to be playful and start to imagine your life in a positive way.