How to continue to be grateful

PatienceIt is not easy every day to be grateful to the world, when we are constantly bombarded with everything and anything. From work to home we can feel at times overwhelmed.   With summer upon us now we can finally take the time to be grateful and count our blessings. Even as small as they can be we need to acknowledge them.

Being in a state of grace can be challenging at first but again you fake it until you make it. Changing our behaviors is what we all need to do for our outer condition to change.

We cannot do it on our own but with the support of the Universe and our tribe we can make it happen. We can start by being grateful for…. (fill in the blank) once a day. Create lists and thanks the Universe. I am doing it once a day and then move on to my daily tasks.

Enjoying the nice weather can help us to go back to basics. We do not need much but we need to be consistent on our approaches. Changing behaviors and patterns can take time but we should be doing it when we are ready. Many times, I have heard people attempting to change their behaviors towards food, attitude etc. but halfway through they would step back going to their old patterns because they could not break from their habits.

We need to be patient with ourselves, baby steps can be the best way for some of us to change. Having a support system at home will help you as well.

The biggest change we should be doing is let our spirit be, being grateful, grounded and going back to basics. Reconnecting with our loved ones, being grateful for what we have.

Look through your spirit seeing where you are right now and deciding what you want to accomplish next. Ask the Universe to help you along the way. Continue to be grateful for all the blessings even as small as they can be to help you to move toward your goal.