Letting the best out of us shine

fireworksIt is not easy to always be on our best behavior every day. Even I should say mood, we can, from time to time, lose our patience at home or at work.

Our temper can light up like wild-fire burning everyone that would cross our path. We can feel exasperated by the hot weather, annoying mate or children. Even the co-workers that are always late to do their task, knowingly you will have to pick up after them in order to get it done.

How do we deal in those instances? We cannot step back for a breather but instead have our bosses or our mates breathing over our shoulders.

Well? Fake it until you make it. Sometimes you have to be the best actor/actresses to put on a jolly face with a calm demeanor to show you are a good team player. Then, when the bosses walk out of your space turn your face to your computer changing your jolly face to a stone wall full of anger.

It is not fun to have to deal with unwanted work on the top of your list when everyone wants you to meet everyone’s needs.

But somehow you are going to managed by the Grace of the Universe to get everything done. Without an extra thank you from anyone.

It can be draining to do that all over again the next day.

Wouldn’t it be nice for a moment, if by magic, everyone could do their job not always depending on us? It would be a beautiful world.

Something I started to do when I worked in corporate is to start to make people independent. It was easy for some of them to switch and get the data report they needed to shared location. But it took a little doing for people who thought you should “spoon feed” them. Yes! Like big babies, I am sure you know some of them. It took them a little longer, but I always made sure the people above me where in the loop of what I was doing.

Automation is one of the best thing to do especially when your job is always expanding and changing. If we all learn to be more independent and actually do our jobs, the world would be a better place.