Why are you afraid to be alone?

lonelyThis is another great question; a lot of people are afraid to be alone. Being alone can, in some instances, bring stigma to some individuals, i.e. there is something wrong with you because you have not settled with someone.

We need to realize that not everyone will meet their mate at the same age. We all have a different journey. Our spirits must learn their own life lessons before we can settle. If we are running to the altar with the first person we think we are in love with, it would be an extremely lucrative business for the party planners as well as the lawyers

In our society illusion norms have been set that we should get married young, have children and living happily ever after. What this illusion has created is a billion-dollar business.  In the US alone over 50% of marriages are failing. Why you may ask? Because we are living in the illusion world and some people are agreeing to settle with someone, almost anyone, rather than waiting a little longer to meet their true love.

If we stop for a minute and understand our spirit needs to grow, we would not feel the need to rush to the altar with the first person we meet. Instead we would learn who we are, understanding what we like and do not like. What we feel are traits, from the other person, that we can put up with and those traits would not cause us any consternation.

But the stigma to go to someone else’s wedding when all the eyes are on you. You can see people thinking why he/she came alone.  What could possibly be wrong with he/she?   You must spend your time smiling when you are feeling you are being judged.

Being alone is a good thing, you can make better choices in your life, you are learning to be independent. You have the possibly to enjoy the peace and quiet of your home. Everyone should learn to live alone, it is a great way to know yourself before you decide to commit to someone who is truly your soul mate. It makes you appreciate your relationship with your mate but also being independent.