Stop assuming we want to be saved!

HappinessI wrote on my blog a few weeks ago about “I do not carry the weight of the world on my shoulders”. In my podcast I spoked about the same topic elaborating on how we need to create our own space and stop carrying everyone else’s problems.

Something I have noticed with some individuals they need to try to make everyone around them happy. Thinking it is their jobs to do that, one thing that can be misleading when people are doing that is some individuals can and will take advantage of that situation.

By trying to make everyone happy around you at work, it could lead to have an affair, while at the beginning it was not the intention of that individual that wanted to help. Emotional bonds can be created based on the recipient’s manipulation. Yes! you read it right, we can be tangled in a web of lies by someone whose intentions are not noble but will make sure to be in a position of “weakness” to have someone else trying to save them. When in fact they are waiting to put their claws on someone.

Wanting to make everyone happy around us is not only impossible but should not be our mission. We are the master of our own life. We are the ones who can make ourselves happy, no matter what you think, no one else can make you happy first. If you are unhappy in your life you need to look at it closely, because, unless you are doing something to change the outer condition you are in, no one is going to be able to bring you some joy.

Too often I have seen people trying to do that and being trapped by others who will intentionally manipulate everyone around them to get what they want. It is not a good way to live your life.

We need to take back our power instead of giving it away to everyone else. Let everyone deal with their life lessons. If someone is unhappy, instead of running to the rescue, become an observer instead of a doer. We all need to crawl before we can walk and run.

Imagine if you had to carry everyone on your shoulders it would be a heavy burden to deal with every day. Do not let yourself be trapped by guilt others can try to project on you to get what they want.

Remember not everyone has their best intentions when it comes to being rescued or saved.

Today, instead of trying to make everyone happy around you, you start to mind your own business and take care of yourself first.  Remember it is not your job to save everyone.