Going back to basics!

basicsWe are living in challenging times, from politics to economics we can lose ourselves worrying about what is going to happen next.

If we learn to take a step back for a moment we can learn how to ground ourselves. So much is happening around the world it is becoming difficult to not get caught up with the chaos.

But turning the TV and social media off for a few hours, can help us to reconnect with our loved ones.  We need to focus our priorities on our families. Whatever is happening in the world will still be there when we turn our attention back to it. Or by the magic of the Universe the tension that was rising will deflate like a balloon until the next crisis rears its ugly head.

Going back to the basics should be taught to everyone. If we would stop our heads from spinning by trying to consume all the negativity in the world it would help us to stay balanced. There is enough fear in the world, let’s not project ours into that mess. Our positive energy is what we need to project into this world.

We can only control what we have in front of us. It is always best to start there, what we can change at our level could help trigger the changes that are well needed for the rest of the world.

But in our movement, we need to continue to learn and teach our children, so they can carry the flame afterwards.

I have learned a lot as a young child by watching parents, I did not repeat their patterns. Instead I created my own path my own destiny. I took the time to realize by watching them it wasn’t in my best interest to emulating them.

I have gained a lot of wisdom through the years while I was living with them, I have learned their lessons. I have stopped the vicious cycle of repeating my parent’s mistakes.

By creating my own path, I have been able to let my spirit be free.