What would you like to change?

changingWhat character trait would you like to change?

Are you a sneaky Pete? Do you like to know everyone’s business? Do you spy on your mate? Do you feel life is not fair to you?

If can take the time review what you would like to change. The next question is: Are you ready to change your behavior?

We can change at any age, I have heard too many times people telling me I am too old to change, I am too old to learn, it is too late for me to …. (fill in the blank)

It always makes my spirit jump when I am listening to this same thing over and over again. NO! it is not too late to do anything at all. Your ego is the one blocking your change. We need to be bold and step outside of our comfort zone.

If everyone was acting the same way, we would not have so many people being trailblazers. We need to be able to break those invisible walls most of us are building around ourselves.

Being a creative person can lead you to great breakthroughs, playing around to find solutions, like a kid, can lead you to great discoveries. Being bold can lift your spirit, we should not create invisible boundaries that will not allow us to change.

Let say you are a sneaky Pete; why, instead of doing that, change your behavior to spend your time doing something more interesting like learning a new skill. How about someone who loves to mind everyone else’s business? Why not, instead of spending your time on being nosey, start minding your own business? You can have more time to spend with your family, you can volunteer at a local animal shelter. Animals would be more than happy to give you all the love they have in return for love and caring you give to them.

We can change our behaviors the question remains are you ready to do that today?