Why do we have to be like everyone else?

colorful Have you ever wondered why we think we have to be like everyone else? Why do we have to conform to everyone around us?

Being a creative person can be extremely difficult living in a world where we are following everyone like lambs. Having your own opinion should not bar you from expressing it even if those around you feel and think differently. If your opinion is hurtful, suppress your words, appropriateness and common sense should let you know when to speak or not. Trying to be political correct is extremely tiring but it doesn’t help either.

We are becoming more and more like robots. We should be as colorful in the choice of our clothes and our imaginations should be able to run free.

What makes a community, a country change in the way we think. We should be able to use our mind to innovate.

What if little john wants to wear two different color socks and tennis shoes? Why if little Petunia wants to wear her tutu she should be able too without being frown upon. What if I wanted to color my hair half blue and half yellow?

We should express our own arts, there should not be any standards on how to dress up, what kind of hair color or style we should follow this year.

We need to walk on the wild side once in a while to remind ourselves we are alive and well. It doesn’t mean for some of you wild cat to go and run around naked scaring the rest of the neighborhood either, neither show up half naked at work!!

Having fun like that should help us to find our spirit. We should not be confined on pretending to be someone or trying to emulate someone else by dressing like them to try to feet into their world. Just because society tells us what is acceptable or not, we should have the freedom to be ourselves, albeit not crazy…..

I mentioned in previous blogs some people will like us for who we are and some not. So be it, it is not the end of the world. We shouldn’t try to please everyone around us to make ourselves be more likable.

We need to realize not everyone will like us and it is OK. Being who we are is the best thing we can do for our spirit. We always will attract the right people into our lives if we are grounded and authentic.

This is the biggest lesson we can learn. Be who you are, keep your head and chin up. We are all beautiful souls.