Waiting for the Universe to open the doors

waitingSometimes we must wait for the Universe to have everything in place by the magic of synchronicity.

It those times we must wait it can feel like we are suspended in air by a thread waiting like a puppet. Unable to move but in a standing still position.

We have to stay focused and learn to relax keeping in mind that the universe is taking care of us.  Everything is safe, we need to see ourselves ready to enjoy the bounty of the Universe.

While we are waiting in the air we can always try to learn to rest even in those uneasy times.  We need to hold on and maintain our spirit.   Let the flow of positivity flood our body and mind.

We can try to work on meditating, enjoying reconnecting with nature as well as family and friends.

It is not easy, but we have to do that otherwise we could be the one creating obstacles in our own life. Letting our ego run the show. We need to learn to trust the Universe that all is well. We are being taking care of.

We are human, and our survivor mode could kick in but if you take the time to center yourself, you will see that everything will be OK. The universe will support us no matter what.

If you feel, in the state of waiting for everything to lock into place, have faith you are on the right track. Sometimes the Universe will hold back until it is the right time. It can be frustrating to wait but we are not in charge. The universe is, even if we think we are sitting in the driver’s seat. We are being reminded patience brings us the rewards we are looking for.

When the gates of abundances are opening we can enjoy the rewards, but we need to make sure we are well rested before we can move on into our journey.