It is not my favorite task to do

taskWhat is the most challenging or least desirable thing you like to do at work or at home?

This is a great question I have asked some of my clients and friends.

I always like to know how they are going about it to get it done. Some extremely creative person would find a way to have someone else do it or should I call it delegating! But if you do not have a choice, do you do it first, in the middle or the last thing on your list?

I always watch what kind of energy they are sending to the Universe when they are answering it. The majority will do it last trying to get it done as fast as possible.

I would say most of the time you can see the kid in them dragging their feet, pouting or having a tantrum. It always makes me smile.

While they are sharing their answers, I will share how I do it as well, giving them some food for thought on changing how they can perceive the task ahead.

When I have a task, I do not like to perform. I see it first like a piece of chocolate cake. You can start to eat in the middle, the crust side or the other end. It all depends on how you feel about it. One thing I do is to do the least desirable task first and continue with the rest of the tasks I need to get done. I feel by doing it first, it is like removing a band aid quickly. You do not have to push it to the end of the day, sending all the negative energy to the world for nothing. Feeling miserable is a waste of energy especially if this task requires me just a few hours to finish.  At the end I will get up do a little “dance” yes you read correctly a “little Emma dance” with a good laugh and move on to something else.

We need to learn to view things using images if you do not like a piece of chocolate cake replace it with something you like. It eases your stress, you can even play your favorite tunes while you are doing that task. This will help you to keep your energy higher, at the end you will start to realize it was not so bad after all. It still may be not your favorite thing, but you can always have some fun doing it.