Let the sunshine in your life

SunshineBring sunshine into our lives, we need to let the sun enter our lives.

There is so much stress and worry, we are forgetting to learn to relax and embrace the present moment. Life is challenging enough, we need to appreciate what we have.

I was doing yoga this morning, during this routine we had to shake and move our bodies to warm up. It was a great exercise to loosen our muscles. It was a great first movement to do. It not only warmed up my body, but it relaxed my muscles.

By doing it I opened my heart chakra, it was fun feeling like a kid again. I loved it. The rest of the routine was more active, but it was nice afterwards to feel more relaxed ready to do some mischief.

Taking the time to surrender while opening our arms to receive some sunshine into our lives. Not feeling oppressed by our daily stress, our worries. The Universe wants us to start to be more present in our lives.

I know, easier said than done, but we need to practice some healthier ways to keep ourselves in balance.

We need to do a few changes, maybe in the morning play your favorite tune and have a little dance. You are moving your energy and starting your day with a different view.

It can help you during the day to take a five-minute break to walk outside for fresh air. Those little tips are coming in handy during the day at work, but also at home.

You can shift the energy of your household by doing simple things. Turn off the TV and social media to reconnect with your family. Have a board game night once a week. With your mate have a date night once week.

We should always find a way to let the sunshine come into our lives no matter what the outer conditions are.