The Occult World – How To Remove A Spell

Sorcier In this chapter of the Occult world, we are going to talk about the removal of the spells.

There are numerous types of practitioners in the occult world. While a practitioner knows how to do spells under the teaching of a master. They should also learn how to remove them.

Removing a spell is an art of its own, you need to be well-trained by a master that should teach you different techniques but also being able to recognize what kind of spell the person is under.

The practitioner will have to identify what kind of technique was used to do the spell. Then, based on the feedback from his/her guides, the practitioner will know how to remove it.

Not every practitioner can remove every spell on the planet, but the best ones can do it. You need to have a lot of power to do it.

Let’s use the example in the first chapter of that series about Amandine and John.

Amandine still fixated on John, this time she went to see a different practitioner than last time to cast a spell on him. She got the picture of him and her picture and gave both to the practitioner for the ceremony. The spell has now taken effect, it took only two weeks to get this done. John is now under the spell even though he is not in love with her, each time she is going to text, John respond to her advances. A few weeks pass, his wife is suspecting something is off with John, he is distant, secretive, trying to argue with her, treating her poorly, detaching himself from her. He is exhibiting the signs he is cheating.
The wife discreetly goes and sees a practitioner. During the consultation the practitioner reveal John is currently under a love spell. The practitioner looks at John and his wife, the Universe is telling him they are meant to be together in this lifetime. Looking at Amandine, who is married, the Universe is showing him that she is mentally unstable and has done a lot of wrong to other men as well. Destroying several bonds by abusing the love spells.

The wife decides to have the spell removed. The practitioner will first look at what kind of spell was done then, based on that information he/she will make the “antidote”. Using a specific technique, he/she will remove the spell.

The wife and the practitioner are going to work hand in hand to get this completed. During the removal process the wife is going to stay in touch with the practitioner to let him/her knows how John is behaving towards her. Also, it is going to take several months to remove it slowly to make sure it is happening “organically”.
Removing it too fast could create issues. Especially when you are dealing with people like Amandine that will do whatever it takes to get her way. Slowly but surely Amandine is detaching herself from John. John is now starting to realize what he is doing is wrong; his attitude is starting to change for the better. He is now getting back in control of his life and emotions.
Because it was done slowly Amandine has not suspected anything. The original practitioner has not realized yet the spell has been removed until the entity that was sent to John comes back to him/her. At that point the practitioner is going to send it to Amandine. What this means to Amandine? When the practitioner is sending back that entity to the person that paid for the spell, something negative will be happening to her like an accident, losing her job, home, husband or death. This is the punishment she is going to receive for violating the sacred rule of bonds. Taking away someone who doesn’t belong with her.

After several months John is now free of that spell, his relationship with his wife is back to “normal”. Amandine had a severe car crash and she also lost her job. John has cut all form of contacts with Amandine.

Doing a spell on someone can seem harmless for some of us. But in fact, you are interfering with the balance of the Universe what is not yours to be will never be yours no matter what. Even under a spell, you will never have someone only for a few weeks before it stops. Not removing the spell can alter someone’s life. In the case of Amandine, she didn’t care but the consequences for her were worst.

It takes a skilled practitioner to be able to remove a spell not everyone has the knowledge, neither the power or the protection to do it. If an amateur practitioner has performed the spell without the supervision of a master that person could be in trouble when the entity comes back. He/she could be at the receiving end instead of Amandine and death could be the ultimate outcome to the amateur practitioner.

Removing a spell takes longer but if the spell is left it could destroy someone’s family and life. Doing a love spell on someone just because you are infatuated with that person will not help you either. Consequences can be worst when the entity is sent back to the individual who has paid for it. Remember “action and reaction” or “cause and effect” even better the pendulum swings one way and then the other way.

But abusing it to take away someone or doing something against someone else free will comes at the extremely high price. Do you think is it truly worth it if the price is your life?  Ask yourself before you decide to do a love spell is it coming from my spirit or is my ego leading it. Am I really meant to be with that person for the rest of my life? If not! Walk away.

The Occult World help countless individuals every day in a positive way. It is a beautiful world, and I am part of it.


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