Where are you with your vision board?

Vision boardIt is mid-year and we should be moving forward with our Vision Board. For everyone who has created a vision board, have you checked lately to see where you are at with it?
Have any of the projects you have on the board come to fruition? Now would be a good time to see if some of them are still pertinent or do you feel you need to scrap them for now?

There is no right or wrong when it comes to changes, add or remove some of them. At the time you created your board, you may have ideas that would be relevant but as time progresses you find it is not the time nor your inclination to continue with those ideas.

We need to be flexible when co-creating, always check if this is coming from your spirit or your ego. Do you really want this into your life?

If you have not started working on any of the projects you have on your list, ask yourself why? Maybe you need to change what you have with only a couple of projects instead of a full grocery list.

Sometimes it is better to accomplish a couple of tasks than trying to do too much. You could easily have stretched yourself too thin, unable to move forward.

Take the time today to review your list, see what your gut feeling is telling you about each one of them.

Remember to have fun with it as well, be creative, go on the web to print pictures.

Imagination is the better way to co-create with the Universe.

Sometime updating a couple of images can be the boost you need, to make things move forward and materialized.

Take the time each day to read your vision board. Even before going to bed, take a couple of minutes in a quiet place to sit down and imagine what you have what is on your vision board.

The Universe by its perfect synchronicity will help you.