Stop living in a constant state of worries!

menHow much are we hurting ourselves by worrying?

It is difficult when we are living in a constant state of worry. Our bodies are not meant to sustain a twenty-four – seven emotional state of mind.

We are hurting our internal organs, living in a constant world of lower energy. What we are thinking is materializing because we are projecting negative experiences.

If we learn to relax and start a new mantra like “at the end everything will turn out for the best” or “the Universe will prevail” we can rest assured, it will be.

We need to stop anticipating bad things happening to us. I have seen some individuals projecting so much stress around them you could feel it.

Not everything will turn out bad. You need to breathe, then focus on your energy to move it up into your heart chakra. Let your spirit speak to you instead of letting your ego dominate your life.

Living in a state of stress impacts your body, your spirits but also your family. You are sending those energies to your loved ones. It can be devastating to them as well.

Being relaxed and facing each situation with a cool head can help you navigate in times of tribulation.

It is not all fun and roses every day, but we can resolve issues without turning our life upside down.

Keeping a calm demeanor can bring solutions to your problems. Your mate will be more inclined to help you as well.

Your body needs to rest, your mind needs to disengage as well. How can you have a moment of rest and peace when you are always on high alert?

Anticipating the worst sends a message to the Universe this is what you would like to experience. Doing it year-round doesn’t help you to grow your spirit. You are indeed impacting your health and life. Who would like to have a life of misery when you can have peace?

What do you want to experience today?