How to continue to shade our old negative thoughts

ChangesSmiling at the world, having a positive attitude and being ready to receive the gifts the Universe is ready to share with us.

This sounds simple but in our daily lives we can be faced with several challenges daily. Keeping up with all can be a juggler’s nightmare.

We can feel defeated at times when we are struggling to do everything at once, our life is in a state of chaos. Ready to give up after a week, but if we are resilient and plan on how we can achieve order in our life, it is surprising how much easier our life will become.

I have seen individuals in total frustration and after a few days of trying walking away. Angry to not see changes coming faster to them. We need to understand that like everything, things take time, we need to persevere until we get a sign we are on the right path. The Universe in its infinite wisdom will start to send us the fruits of our labor.

But before it can happen we need to send a clear message to the Universe we are making changes in our lives for the best. The Universe is watching over us, by continuing to practice our new mantras and healthy choices we are making in our lives, this is one step towards the Universe. The Universe will do ten steps towards us, ready to bless us with all its abundance,

Patience is a virtue, that can at times be inspiring, we can find the silver lining in our struggle to get there. These are the moments we are learning to grow. Those are empowering times that remind us we are here to learn and experience.

We can only continue to grow if we are open to changing our habits, thoughts and ready to welcome new ideas into our lives.

Yes! changes are not easy but for us to move on and have positive experiences we must shade our old negative thoughts.

We have an opportunity in this time and age to learn and evolve closer than ever with the Universe. Living in symbiosis with this world.