I am enjoying a moment of silence

quietAs I am taking the time this morning to listen to the rumble of the storm, I am quietly sitting at my desk, focusing on what the Universe would like me to share with everyone.

It is the silence we need to quiet our mind. When I am writing I do not have any distraction like music or watching a movie. Instead I am learning to let my mind connect with the Universe. The silence is what lets my mind be free. When we are too obsessed with our smartphone, checking our emails or texting, we are losing track of reality. We are focusing on the artificial world we have created. Forgetting to connect with our mates, kids and friends.

We are not spending enough time away from all the distractions the world has to offer. It would be great if we could go back to the basics. We can always learn to turn our devices off at home, even for a couple of hours and engage with our families.

Living in the artificial world doesn’t help us to stay grounded, reconnecting with our family and friends. We are losing our essences, we are so obsessed with the internet world, we could, if we are not keeping our eyes on our devices, miss something that will not even impact our lives.

Living our lives through others doesn’t have a great meaning at the end of the day. Our spirit needs to experience and feel love, joy and happiness. We only can archive these emotions by living it personally. We can think by watching reality stars we are sharing an experience, but we aren’t. We are only the observers, we need to take back our lives and enjoy a real moment with our families.

We need to be able to have conversations without being interrupted, having a moment of peace and quiet brings us back to what is essential in our lives.

I would like to invite you to a challenge. For the next couple of weeks, for one hour a day, turn all your devices off. Let’s see after two weeks what you have learned from your mate and children. You could be surprised how calm your house will be. How much conversation you will have with your family.