How far we have come, messages from the Universe

flowersIt is always great when the Universe is reminding us with a gentle touch via a friend or a loved one how much we have come through in our lives.

It also helps us to realized we are on the right path. We have the full support of the Universe.

If you have had bad experiences that today you are walking away from, stand still for a few minutes, look back on how much you have overcome in the past few months or year. Acknowledge the power it took you to finally be able to go back on your journey.

If you have resentment, anger or another other negative and hateful thoughts you must let them go. You do not need to carry those emotions with you at all. Instead send those feelings to the Universe. The beauty of the Universe is to transform and transmute those energies into positivity and send it back to you.

You are redefining your present, it is maybe still a little messy. Not knowing for sure if the direction you have taken is right. But rest assured, if you are talking with the Universe it will guide you on to the right path. Always have faith you will have your happy ending.

It is not easy but keep your eyes on your goals. No matter how the outer conditions are right now. The Universe is working its magic.

When the Universe is sending your messages listen to them. Follow your gut feeling, your instinct, it is your compass that will never misguide you.

Be open to the changes that are coming your way. Changes are not easy but like the butterfly inside its chrysalis, you need to break out of the “old patterns”, start to infuse yourselves with new patterns. By starting to shift your patterns and thoughts you are sending a message to the Universe you are ready to receive blessing from the Universe.

You are on the right path.