Shake it, shake it, shake it, let’s move our energies

Energy I am feeling the energy of a storm coming upon us. It can be frightening but also it is majestic by moving the stagnant energies while infusing new energy our way.

Just prior to the storm the wind has shaken everything around. Leaving the windows opened it has brought some fresh air into the house.

I can hear, as I am writing, the rumbling of the storm. The rain is pouring but I can feel the energies moving. We can finally have some positive energy coming around us.

It is still dark outside, but it is a beautiful light show the Universe is giving me right now.

It reminds me of us, yes, we are like the house that need to let stale energy out of our bodies. We need to get our energy moving. If we keep negative energy in our bodies, we are doing more harm than good to ourselves.

We can find the time to be outside enjoying a reconnection with nature, doing some exercises or get a massage, if time permits. We can be dancing in our kitchen with the kids or just enjoy watching a funny movie.

We need to make sure we are keeping our energies moving. Learning to let go of our disappointments, angers and resentment towards people. We need to get our powers back not letting someone or a bad experience deprive us of living our lives to the fullest.

One thing I have learned by working with the Universe is no matter what people are doing against me, I do not need to wait to see when Karma will come back to them. It is the job of the Universe to take care of that. I have something more important to do. I also realized when the Universe is making people accountable for their actions, we are not there to watch it happen, most of the time it will be happening while we are already focusing on our journey.

It is time to enjoy a moment and let our energy rise